Dear President-elect Trump: 11/11/16, Veterans Day

Remember what I said to you yesterday about your responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among the individual inhabitants of the United States?  One way to accomplish that objective is to encourage thoughtful discussion and consideration of recommendations from as wide a range of groups as possible within the U.S. population in order to ensure thoroughly informed decision-making.

Many others and I will watch for and resist your encouragement as president of ill-considered, irrational behavior through inflammatory rhetoric.  There is ample documentation of your encouragement of such behavior as a candidate during the 2016 election campaign.  Just since Tuesday there have been accounts of your supporters’ assaultive behaviors targeting females and members of LGBT and non-white communities.

Have you read the anthropologist Michael Boehm’s book, Hierarchy in the Forest?  Boehm analyzes primate social organization in this book.  Boehm describes conflict within primate community decision-making processes between promoters of authoritarian methods and advocates for egalitarian practices.

Authoritarian methods to induce compliance with top-down decision-making include deception, intimidation, coercion, and violence.

Egalitarian decision-making within a community encourages the involvement of as many individuals and groups as possible in order to ensure that the risks and benefits to members of the community of implementing a particular community policy—such as a declaration of war against another community—are discussed and known before any policy is implemented.

Many others and I will watch for and resist any attempt you make to use the authoritarian’s intimidation tactic of declaring an “emergency” in order to rush a decision concerning committing our brothers and sisters on duty in the U.S. military to zones of conflict which are outside our territorial borders and which have been created by U.S. policies supporting the appropriation for private profit of resources of weaker nations by western corporations.

Many others and I will remember what you said today, as follows: “The president-elect also used social media to send out a Veterans Day message, tweeting that ‘today we express our deepest gratitude to all those who have served in our armed forces (“Pence to take over Trump transition team,” USA Today, 11/11/16).’ ”

Many others and I believe that what you meant was, “We of the investor class are grateful to those who helped us get richer by consenting to fight their working-class brothers and sisters in the foreign countries where oil or some other natural resource was located and coveted by a western corporation.”

Capitalist propaganda and lobbying for influence of government officials has been instrumental in arranging a system of military recruitment that pressures young people from the lowest-income backgrounds to enter the military as a means toward career training and economic opportunity.  This pressure results from capitalism’s rule of always having a concentrated population of workers which exceeds the number of available jobs and which thereby increases the difficulty of workers’ organizing beyond minimal living and working conditions and starvation wages.  Through practiced indifference to and rationalization of human suffering, capitalists ensure the least possible labor expense and the maximum possible profit.

Many others and I will watch for and resist policies that put our brothers and sisters of any economic background in harm’s way without good cause as a consequence of their duty in the U.S. military.

On this Veteran’s Day, many others and I believe that the best way to honor our brothers and sisters who have served or are currently serving in the military would be to put an end to the rationalizations for citizen soldiers to fight wars for private profit.

I understand that your life experience disposes you toward asking, “Hey, without wars for profit how else can you make the big money from arms manufacturing contracts and interest on loans to the government to overpay contractors rebuilding the country you just destroyed?”

Just know that I am here for you as we begin to work through the paranoid and authoritarian view of the world inherent in the behaviors you display as indicators of an obsessive need for dominating power and control in relationships.  As with other authoritarian personalities in government who have faith in torture, you are likely to experience unwarranted feelings of success to the extent that you cause suffering among the U.S. female population, the LGBT community, the physically and mentally challenged community, and non-white U.S. citizens and groups.  Please know that I and others will monitor and resist any of your policy proposals creating negative impacts on any individuals within the most marginalized and vulnerable groups of our brothers and sisters.  I am here to provide an expanded view of reality for you expressed in as kind a manner as possible toward minimizing the sociopathy in your behavior and even the possibility of change, although reports concerning your life experience indicate that change is unlikely.

With love, sincerity, and endless fascination with the techniques of top-down class warfare, I remain,
Louis “Buddy” Hale
for The Raincrow Report


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